We at Day Chiropractic & Rehab believe that no one should ever “get used to pain” or ever have to settle when it comes to health and well-being.  Patients whose primary doctor is a chiropractor have less hospital admissions, spend fewer days in the hospital, have fewer surgeries and spend less money on medications.  This being said, Dr. Day believes in collaborative care between different professions and feels that co-management can be the most powerful tool in healthcare.

Dr. Day strives to empower each one of his patients to take control of their own health and future by meeting specific goals; whether that is getting out of bed without pain, playing with your children in the backyard or winning a state championship, we will help you get there.

Our patient-centered philosophy aims to accomplish your goals in the shortest time possible, with lasting results.  Dr. Day uses a whole-body approach to care, integrating various soft tissue techniques and therapies into spinal and extremity adjustments as well as rehabilitative exercises and Kinesio Taping.


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